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You're looking to earn extra income and we're here to help. Maybe you have the talent but you might now know how to write the sale pitch or get the service up. Or maybe you don't have any skills that can be used online and instead want your own digital product to sell and earn from. Or you could want both. Either way we can help.

If you have any skills that you want to turn into a service we can help with creating the service for you based on the information you provide. This way you can earn income from your talent right here on our site. 

For those that just want a digital product they can deliver to buyers we can create digital products from a select group of categories. Then we will create the service page and get you up and running so you can start earning. 


  • Based on your skills
  • No experience needed
  • We create the service for you
  • We create product and sales pitch
  • Start earning using your skills
  • Everything done for you
Create Your Service For You

You supply us some info and we create the sales pitch and the service for you

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Digital Product Creation

Allow us to create a digital product for you to sell on UJober

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