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Do you need to check your website for vulnerabilities? If so we have you covered. What is penetration testing or pentesting as it commonly called you ask?

Pentesting, also known as penetration testing, is a security assessment, an analysis, and progression of simulated attacks on an application (web, mobile, or API) or network to check its security posture. The objective is to penetrate the application or networks security defenses by looking for vulnerabilities.

Is it necessary you might ask? The simple answer is YES! If you have not had a certified pentest down on your website you are essentially a sitting duck for hackers and if you haven’t already been hacked it’s just a matter of time before you are. Each and every day you hear about cyber attacks so take the necessary steps to ensure your website is not a sitting duck waiting to be attacked.

We offer pentesting for those that are looking to find out the issues with their site and fix them on their own as well as pentesting and fixing vulnerabilities. We offer affordable solutions to make sure you are protected against cybercriminals. To get started use our easy to follow quote engine or if you have more questions simply contact us and we can assist you.

The Importance of Website Pentest

If you're concerned about the security of your website, it's important to carry out a website pentest. This process helps you to discover and fix security flaws. In addition, it can help you improve your information security management systems. Finally, it can jump-start your cybersecurity efforts.

Collecting information is the most important part of a website pentest

As a pentester, you can collect a lot of information about a target site, but it's critical to filter out the information that won't be useful. Obviously, all information is important to gather, but some of it is more interesting than others. For instance, you can collect information on the software version and services running on the host, the name and email addresses of employees, and even the IP addresses. The hostname is essential information.

Gathering information can be done passively, or actively. Passive information gathering involves using publicly-available information, such as whois domains, social networks, and mail servers to find information. This type of information is also useful if you don't want to make contact with the target.

A website pentest is similar to a home security test in that it involves testing the security of a website. It can help you identify any loopholes in the security of a site, and can help you implement the correct security policy. By finding out where your website is vulnerable, you can then fix any flaws before a hacker attacks.

It helps identify and fix security flaws

Performing a Website pentest helps you discover and fix security flaws in your website. By using specialized tools and procedures, a pentester can analyze the entire website and find any vulnerabilities. For example, he can discover open ports on a server and learn which services are running on these ports. He can also write scripts to automate some vulnerability detection processes.

One common vulnerability in web applications is cross-site scripting, or XSS. This vulnerability exploits an undesired implementation of an application feature. This vulnerability allows a hacker to run code on another user's behalf. Another common security flaw is SQL injection, which allows an attacker to access private information and change database information.

A Website pentest is important because it helps you fix security flaws by simulating real-world attacks. It also allows you to determine what compliance requirements you need to meet and can save your company from legal trouble. It can also prepare your security team for real-world attacks.

Another security flaw is broken authentication. A Website pentest helps identify these vulnerabilities so that you can fix them before malicious actors can exploit them. It is also important to implement frameworks to help prevent security misconfiguration. Finally, sensitive data must be encrypted. Credit card information should never travel unencrypted, and user passwords must be encrypted as well. AES (256-bits) and RSA (2048-bits) are recommended for web security.

Performing a Website pentest is essential for an organization's overall security. By conducting this procedure, you can ensure that the web server has been tested and has no vulnerabilities. This is an important step for any company that relies on the internet for its business. A website pentest will provide a comprehensive assessment of the web server and any data hosted on it. If your web server is compromised, attackers may use it to access sensitive information, crash services, or cause the entire website to crash.

It helps improve information security management systems

A Website pentest is a method of penetration testing used to identify vulnerabilities in web applications and systems. It can simulate an attack from both inside and outside the organization. Internal pen testing is conducted over the LAN and includes testing web applications hosted on an enterprise's intranet. It also helps identify weaknesses in corporate firewalls. Many people assume that attacks happen only externally, but this is not always true. A pen test can also help identify internal vulnerabilities, such as malicious employee attacks, social engineering attacks, and misuse of unlocked terminals.

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